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ETS Terminal is an EXIM trading company specialized in worldwide export of new and used, private and company vehicles of all brands. ETS Terminal is today the main service provider on the Marketplace Exchange.

The Marketplace Exchange is a Trading & Market Service for the Global Industry of Goods, Products and Services.

  • ETS offers a “One Stop Shop” trading environment, for both seller and buyer.
  • ETS offers “End to End” services, catering for all aspects of international trade, including instant payment solutions, certified shipping & delivery and insurance.

ETS provides all the necessary documents for export trades, to all continents.

Vehicles being exported to countries outside the European Union must be declared to Customs prior to export. A customs document stamped by the customs authorities at the outer border of the EU is the documentary evidence needed by a seller in order to apply the zero VAT rate. ETS will consult in all matters in providing the proper documentation.

It is sometimes possible to purchase a vehicle at the zero rates of VAT. ETS can tell you which vehicles on the Marketplace Exchange qualify for this rate. To benefit from the zero rates you must be able to prove you have actually exported the vehicle. You can do this by getting your export customs document stamped by the customs authorities at the outer border of the EU and sending it back to the seller. Within the EU you may apply the zero rate only if you are an enterprise established in another member state. In that case, you must submit your VAT identification number and must demonstrate the vehicle was actually transported to the country of destination. ETS will consult on how to arrange the proper paperwork to maintain zero rate VAT.

To obtain a vehicle registration number in the country of destination you may need to show a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) when you import the vehicle. This certificate states the technical details of the vehicle, its type-approval number, and its Euro class. In many cases, ETS can provide a certified copy of the Certificate of Conformity to speed up and simplify importation.

Our expertise is in logistics and ETS has a global network of shippers and transport companies, spanning all continents covering air, land & sea.


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