ETS Logistics Chain

Our knowledge and application puts us in the driver’s seat of all logistics giving us the major vantage point of material flows as well as to these linked resources, information and monetary flows.

Adding to this a real-time data feed to the market showing ETA, market prices, incoming assets etc. etc. gives us the competitive edge we need to keep the positive margins for all our customers.

  • We work at the forefront of Logistics innovation and market data to make assets available and tradable in all life cycles & markets. We help interesting companies improve industry decision making, with our innovative logistics thinking and real-time data feed to the market.
  • We work with our partners to streamline and optimize processing data that don’t just deliver on product perfection but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every hour counts.

Thousands of tons of material is moved all year around with in some cases, a schedule by the minute. Some of our operations include, but are not limited to:

Inbound transportation
Outbound transportation
Fleet management
Materials handling
Order fulfillment
Inventory management
Demand planning

Information is good, information that is correct is even better. The correct information to the correct recipient at the correct time is what we at ETS strive for. All tradable assets and incoming asset are online in real time, showing the spot price in the desired currency and ETA. All deliverable assets, even futures, can be booked, traded and shipped with one login.

With a global process, we understand the needs for availability for currency exchange and trade with your local currency. We are able to quote in all major currency’s and together with our partners, we bring solutions for global trade to be seamless with “one stop shop” functionality.


Market Specialists

Mr. Richard Johansson
Head of Trades
+49 176 3650 1866
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